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Find out all the Creative Package Studio has to offer, including studio sessions, 3D scans, virtual retail space, and more on our website. Let’s discover form, find innovation, shape ideas, and create together to complete your package!

About the Creative Package Studio

Leveraging the Supply Chain

Our in-house team consists of talented industrial designers, graphic designers, developers and creatives. We regularly evolve and approach each challenge with an open mind. As technologies and trends continue to shift, we constantly improve and build upon our framework for solving problems.


We understand the brand owners’ goals and their audiences by bringing fresh insights into their packaging design.


We focus on transforming brand owners’ and their customers’ experiences by building a package design that thrives.


We ignite the fire to help brand owners find their true potential by combining our capabilities into a single solution.

Studio Sessions


Let’s explore together during the initial Phase 1 of a studio session. With deep knowledge of packaging trends, we help guide brand owners through the brainstorming process of ideation. This will include market research, trends of competitors and innovative ideas.


Let’s bring those big and bold ideas to work. Ideating side by side with brand owners, building momentum towards concepts for a new/revamped packaging design.

We listen and then deliver exactly what the customer is thinking.


We bring those collaborative ideas to life by taking the sketches and turning them into CAD models and render them into realistic images.

We use the most up-to-date software to ensure we provide our customers with the best experience possible.

Virtual Reality

With the CAD model created, we can place them into our Virtual Reality market simulation. This helps identify the right concept that is placed next to competitive products in a life-like planagram environment.

This environment helps identify the First Moment of Truth into a virtual environment before waiting around for molds to be cut and sample bottles to be blown. Together, we can get it right the first time.

3D Printing Prototype

From dozens of sketches down to a handful of CAD models, select the final few concepts to hold and feel in your hands to make that final decision.

With in-house 3D printers, we are able to provide prototypes and understand the ergonomics of that container to completely understand the form going into manufacturing.